Welp, we did it!

And it was a truly wonderful and unforgettable day.

At this point, my name has legally changed! We completed thank-you notes! Jonathan ran a marathon!

Additionally, we did receive our photobooth photos from the venue and a preview of photos from our photographer.

Photobooth photos can be found here.

Tyler Core preview can be found here.

Once we get his full set, I will add another album for you all to see. I’m sure it’ll be pretty amazing, based on the preview alone… which I have looked at weekly since we received them.

Here are a small collection of my favorites…

Before the ceremony, thinking about coffee!

Before the ceremony, dreaming of coffee!

We mean very serious business

We mean very serious business

Love these bros.

Love these bros.



Still so glad so many camp faces made it out for the big day.

Still so glad so many camp faces made it out for the big day.



Super QT's

Super QT’s

Levi rules this photo.

Levi rules this photo.



check out that neck roll. V cool!

First dance! Mostly giggling and telling him I just want to take a nap… 

the internet won't read itself!

the internet won’t read itself!

Big family!


Oh, hello!

Making progress! Still gotta figure out hotel stuff…

And maybe look into the possibility of RSVPing here….

Our Save the Date’s are almost done though! Well, they’re done. Just waiting to hear back from customer service…

I probably won’t utilize the blog part as much…. mostly just use it as a checklist for myself to remain sane while remembering things.